KML at Chile 2016 EXPOMIN

KML participated in the 2016 EXPOMIN in Santiago, the gorgeous capital of Chile from April 25th to 29th, 2016. EXPOMIN is the second largest exposition world wildly and the largest in Latin America, in mining industrial.

During this exhibition, KML displayed the special designed bearings for mining and construction industries such as bearing units, tapered roller bearings, radial spherical plain bearings and KML ca series spherical roller bearings for applications from heavy duty truck, Jaw crusher, and vibration screen to conveyer.

Attracted by the shining exhibits and our professional supporting team on scene, KML booth received a numerous of visitors from America and collected many on-site inquires for following up.

It is not only about exposure KML brand and brings the new products to market. Benefited by event, KML management team was able to reunion with their old friends and reaffirm her commitment for the continuously improvement on product portfolio and refine the service capacity to satisfy customers’varied demands.

KML keeps moving on and hold hands with you to build a better world.


KML Europe invite you to visit IFFA 2016

Dear Friends:

KML Europe invite you to visit IFFA 2016, the most important innovation platform for the food process sector and the leading international trade fair to focus on the subject of meat. KML will presents its best products lines with innovative technologies, trends and future-oriented solutions for food process industry.

KML stand number:Hall 9.1 Stand E93——“Meet the Best!”

More information about IFFA, please visit website:


KML participates in 2016 Expomin in Santiago

Dear Friends:

In cooperate with the local agent, KML will participate in 2016 Expomin in Santiago, Chile from 25th to 29th of April this year.

Please come to our booth at 152-2B, Espacio Riesco Santiago to check out the most recent innotative producs for mining and contrcution industry from KML.

For more information about 2016 Expomin, please visit website:


KML presented Automechanika Shanghai 2015

The 11th Automechanika Shanghai has been held in 2nd, Dec, 2015 in National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai. The four-day event has been of great success at the brand new venue, which exhibition space increased by 27%. With the great atmosphere and latest products from exhibitors, the strong brands of Frankfurt’s flagship fairs grasped 29,000 visitors from 83 countries.


It is the third consecutive year that KML takes part in Automechanika Shanghai, yet with a new role as a member of IAPMA (International Auto Parts and Manufacturing Association). During the 4 days exhibition, KML demonstrated special designed water pump bearings, new generations of wheel bearing units, wheel hub for heavy duty vehicle, universal joint, shaft center support assemblies and etc. With the lead of the KML general manager Mr. Liang, KML team kept full of enthusiasm and patience to communicate with visitors. During events, KML booth received hundreds visitors. Besides the new products KML displayed, visitor might also be attracted by the remarkable booth design and pleasantly walk through the “KML Bearing Gate”.


Opportunities grasped! Automechanika Shanghai provided a great chance for face to face talk with business partners and potential customers who spent time with us.  Furthermore, it is an important arena for KML to increase the popularity and awareness of the brand, gain a better understanding of the global market trend and the customers’ special needs. Accordingly, KML will continually improve the product mix and refine the service capacity to satisfy customers’ varied demands.


KML, We Keep Moving Long and hold hands with you to build a better world!

KML assisted in accomplishing of the prayer wheel groups construction for Tibetan Buddhism

At that day

I raised the sacred boulder piles,

Not to accumulate virtue

But to cast stones to the lake

Of your heart


At that month

I turned all the prayer wheels round

Not to release soul from suffering

But to touch the fingerprints

You left on them


At that year

I crawled forward with my head in the dust of the mountain road,

Not to make obeisance

But to feel the warmth you left on ground…


At that life

I spent all the time walking over mountains, rivers, and stupas

Not to seek rebirth

But to meet you along the way…


(Written by Tsangyang Gyatso, the sixth Dali Lama)


In August 2015,after two years of construction, one of the largest fixed Tibetan prayer wheel group has started its practice in Tazi temple, located in Seda county, Sichuan province of China.


This giant wheel group consists of 108 prayer wheels which are around the temple. Each prayer wheel has 1.75 meters high and 1 meter in diameter. With the purpose to improve the print quality and quantity of the Buddhist sutras, a special flexo printing process was applied. What’s more, the huge prayer wheels are driven by the electrical motor. Each day they can finish 27 billion times chanting sutras which equals 1 billion people to chant the sutras for 200,000 times. This large-scale project creating a precedent for prayer wheels construction is destined to become an indelible mark in the religious history.


Behind this construction, there is a story of KML.


In the early morning of June 3rd, Mr. Feng, KML President, received an urgent call from a business partner in Singapore. He was requested to fill an order with a very short time line due to his previous supplier fail to keep promise. The previous bearing supplier could not provide the bearings on schedule and the project’s deadline was approaching. The situation was very pressed. On one hand, the amount of the needed bearings is huge even if gathering all of inventory in Singapore could not meet the demand. On another hand, the prayer wheel group must be completed in August required by living Buddha. Moreover, this prayer group is critical part of anlarge religious ceremony in October. In the special circumstances, President Feng rapidly organized the R&D, purchasing and logistics department together to make a detailed plan to meet customer’s expectation. Given the chilly weather and dusty environment, KML designed to apply the completely sealed single row radial ball bearings with special low-temperature grease instead of the original open type of 6018 and 721BTN bearings. Upon received the confirmation from the customer, KML initiated its emergency response procedure to fulfill the special order. Two weeks after the phone call, 120 pairs modified bearings have been assembled to the prayer wheels before the schedule and the solemn ceremony was held on time.

Within the unforgettable two weeks, various KML departments worked as a whole has made its heroic efforts to accomplish the task. This project is just one of the examples to carry out KML’s commitment on social responsibility. Indeed, KML holds hands with people who pray and practice for a better world. Let’s Keep Moving Long.


Side story:

Prayer wheel

A prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel (Tibetan: འཁོར་, Wylie: ‘khor) on a spindle made from metal, wood, stone, leather or coarse cotton. Traditionally, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is written in Sanskrit on the outside of the wheel. Also sometimes depicted are Dakinis, Protectors and very often the 8 auspicious symbols Ashtamangala. At the core of the cylinder is a “Life Tree” often made of wood or metal with certain mantras written on or wrapped around it. Many thousands (or in the case of larger prayer wheels, millions) of mantras are then wrapped around this life tree. The Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is most commonly used, but other mantras may be used as well. According to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition based on the lineage texts regarding prayer wheels, spinning such a wheel will have much the same meritorious effect as orally reciting the prayers.

1 2

KML invites you to the Automechanika Shanghai Expo 2015

KML invite you to Automechanika Shanghai Expo 2015
Dear customer,

It makes great happiness and pleasure for KML to invite you to the Automechanika Shanghai Expo, which will be held in the National Convention Center (Shanghai) China, from the 2nd to 5th December, 2015.

Our advanced auto parts products in world-wide market will be demonstrated at booth 2AA16. On the stand, KML executives, sales representatives and senior engineers will provide professional service to you. Please join us to the exhibition so that we can move to the successful venture together.

Should you have any special request, please kindly contact us by, we could have your  requested product ready for your visit.

We look forward to meeting you at the venue.


KML Map in Automechanika Shanghai 2015

KML’s location in Automechanika Shanghai 2015

Let’s build the green world for tomorrow

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy and etc. It is an important source of renewable energy and highly appealing source of electricity. It will increase countries’ energy security, reduce pollution, and keep fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise. These advantages are global.

Irrespective of whether plants are photovoltaic or solar thermal plants, they are particularly efficient if the collectors track the course of the sun in the sky. The more precise and trouble-free they operate the better and more profitable the plants are. This is where rod bearing from KML comes in.

The environment of track solar panel is usually characterized by aridness, sand, high temperatures and significant temperature fluctuations. Such conditions require bearings should have low-friction and be able to maintain its toughness and other properties under harsh weather conditions for a long life time. It is full of challenge and chance for the transmission companies.

KML can help the tracker solar panel manufacturers and final users with an ideal solution of bearings that met the needs of better tolerances, low wear and friction. KML’s rod bearings are featured with reliable materials and coatings that protect the bearing from corrosion and wear. Let’s build the green world for tomorrow.

For more information, please contact KML at


KML Presented EXPOPARTES XXIII Exhibition in Colombia


KML presented EXPOPARTES XXIII EXHIBITION at Bogota, the capital of Colombia in June 3rd 2015.

For this fair, KML demonstrated automotive and industrial bearings, auto parts and truck parts. Through it, KML not only reinforced the relationship with the existing partners but also attracted a lot of potential customers in the region.

This year, EXPOPARTS EXHIBITION had an unprecedented growth. It had the presence of more than 300 national and international exhibitors from automotive, auto parts and industrial sector, which attracted more than 25,000 professional visitors. This new record was the evidence of FERIA EXPOPARTES’s great influence in that region. Meanwhile, it showed the flourish and fierce competition in the auto parts market. At this background, how to reinforce the relationship with the business partners, how to broaden the market, how to make effective marketing plans are the key points to win this battle.

During the 3 days exhibition, KML attracted many visitors. Mr. Jorge Mora, KML Sales Manager for Latin American Countries, and Renhispana, the representative of KML in Columbia, always kept full of enthusiasm and patience to communicate with the visitors. After listening the detailed introduction of KML and the product, most visitors had a further insight to KML and hoped strong intent to have further business cooperation.

Here KML thanks every visitor for supporting this event and visiting our booth.

IMG_0298 IMG_0306 IMG_0309


The KML Auto Team Won the UFOLEP Pursuit Race in France

KML French branch informed a piece of good news that Citron C2 Team sponsored by KML has got the first place in 2015 UFOLEP Pursuit Race.


The Team is a well-known professional auto competition team, which has taken part in many autocrosses in Europe.


During the competition, Anthony Boulanger, the driver, galloped the heavily modified 208 HP CITROEN C2, on the rugged court. His flexible operation and the excellent car contributed a lot to his victory.


Quoted from what Anthony said after the race. The auto parts and bearings supplied by KML have a high impact resistance and a stable performance though in the harsh environment, which has helped Anthony keep the leading position to the end point in the pursuit race.


As auto parts and bearings supplier for Citron C2,  KML has sponsored them to take part in the 2015 UFOLEP Spring Cross for supporting their enthusiasm to the auto race sport and congratulating on their splendiferous achievement. It’s confident that the partnership will continue to go from strength to strength and we will create refulgent future together!


KML auto parts and Bearings applied on CITROEN C2 are as follows: Guide Pulley Y401-12-730, Tension Roller CR 3311, Time Belt Tensioner Pulley 0829.C8, Belt Tensioner 5751.G7, V-Ribbed Belt 6PK725, Timing Belt 0816.F0, Water Pump Y401-15-010, Clutch Pressure Plate 2004.V4, Release Bearing CR 1269,  Wheel Bearing 3350.32 and Wheel Hub Bearing 3748.76.